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This one’s Christian (and, yes, seated on the far right, that is a young Ernie Haase, from before Ernie Haase & Signature Sound)…

And this one’s general – not to mention flat silly ūüôā …

And they’re both from The Cathedrals.

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Anthony Esolen discusses the differences between Babies and Bottle Caps. In an age where utility is too often confused with worth, it is good to be reminded of the difference, I think.

Via’s blog, Michael J. New reports at Public Discourse¬†that Pro-life politicians have made a difference.

Also at Public Discourse, Anne Hendershott notes that because of abortion centers¬†it’s A Dangerous Time to be a Black Baby. On the upside,¬†according to the article, Abortion Changes¬†You ads on New York subways will be targeting the same urban, black women the abortion industry has been targeting for decades.

The Susan B. Anthony List is campaigning hard for the rights of¬†unborn babies. I like one of the tag lines currently up at their website: “Register to vote: Your Vote can save millions.” Uhm, ladies, that’s lives, not dollars…

A woman shares how The Nurturing Network helped her when she was 17, pregnant, and scared.

Edward Cardinal Egan, Archbishop of New York, asks people to Just Look. (via Mary Meets Dolly, also via Wittingshire)

Father Pavone has an open letter to “pro-choice” candidates.

Thanks to pro-lifers who brought the policy to the attention of the public, New Jersey hotels stop giving discounts to abortion business customers. (via The Point) has a voter’s¬†guide with links to info on state as well as national candidates.

Nebraska abortions drop for fourth year in a row, reaching the lowest number since Roe v Wade.

Lawsuit in Colorado challenges $18 million in contracts to abortionists. Under the Colorado Constitution, since 1984 it has been illegal to use taxpayer money to pay for abortions, either directly or indirectly. The lawsuit charges that the state has been awarding illegal contracts.

Tim Challies discusses taking The Moral High Ground in the fight against abortion. (via The Point)

I finally got around to voting (in Oregon, everyone is mailed ballots early, and either mails them in or takes them to a drop off location). For the Attorney General’s race there is no Republican candidate this year, but the Democrat has received some Republican support. So I went to check his¬†statement in the voter’s guide put out by the state.

Oops. Pro-abortion.

And how’s this for mental whiplash? Right under his list of things he wants to do to “Move Oregon Forward,” in which the last line is “Defend civil rights, a woman’s right to choose and Oregon crime victims,” there is an endorsement by (former) Gov. John Kitzhaber, which reads, “John’s courtroom experience and his thoughtful ideas for protecting our children and the environment make him the right person for the job.”

His thoughtful ideas for protecting our children?

OK, to be fair he wants to go after meth labs, and go after people who ought to be paying child support but aren’t –¬†but, pardon me for mentioning the¬†obvious, but¬†a child has to survive to reap the benefits of those measures. And besides, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t pressuring a woman into getting an abortion one of the leading ways deadbeat¬†fathers¬†avoid child support in the first place these days? Hello? What would it hurt to move the starting line for assuming parental responsibility forward to when parenthood actually starts?

Not one of the endorsements I saw elsewhere mentioned¬†this candidate’s¬†stance on abortion, or his endorsement by NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon PAC. Granted, I might have missed one that did, but what I did see simply didn’t mention the issue.

Please use the comments if you need to alert readers to other pro-abortion candidates¬†who aren’t generally identified as such.

hat tip: Kim Komando

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I plan to be gone from this blog for a few days, while I get caught up elsewhere. Those of you with previously approved comments will see your comments show up immediately. The rest of you will have to wait a bit.

From LifeSiteNews, Pro-life Pharmacy in Virginia Now Open. In addition to being pro-life, the Divine Mercy Care (DMC) Pharmacy is also lady friendly, if you are the sort of lady who hates to run the gauntlet of magazines and supplies for the unfaithful you have to confront at many other drugstores.

Via Abortion Myths Dispelled at,¬†Richard M. Doerflinger looks at “What Reduces Abortions?”¬†He also looks at false claims being used to bolster support for Roe v Wade. One bit of good news in the Doerflinger article: “…the abortion rate has dropped 30% from 1981 to 2005; the decline started 12 years before Clinton took office, and has continued fairly steadily to the present day.”

This is not a specifically pro-life link, but if you know someone in his or her teens, you might want to introduce them to The Rebelution, which is “a teenage rebellion against low expectations.” These young people are out to build a healthier culture, and they’ve made some progress.

The most common number being kicked around for the number of legal abortions in the United States since 1973 seems to be 50 million. I’ve seen claims higher than that. I see at the National Right to Life site the number shown today is 48,589,993. Whatever the real number is,¬†50 million seems to be in the ball park, and¬†50 million¬†is¬†too big for me to get my head around, as we say around here.

So I went to the United States Census Bureau in hopes of finding something with which to compare it. I almost wish I hadn’t. Using July 2007 estimated figures, which is what they’re using for state population figures in the state rankings, I see you could kill every resident man, woman and child in California, Illinois, and the District of Columbia, and still be a few thousand people¬†short of killing fifty million people. (California 36,553,215, plus Illinois 12,852,548, plus D.C. 588,292, equals 49,994,055. These are estimates, remember, but still…)

And that’s just the reported abortions in the United States.

If, by chance, you are someone who was in some way responsible for an abortion death, please understand that there is healing and forgiveness available to you. For a place to start, you might try checking in at The Silent No More Awareness Campaign. A lot of people hurting after abortion have found help there, not to mention a voice. If you are a teen, you might check in with Young Life, which has¬†a program to help¬†young women who choose life, but I’m sure¬†they’ll help you if you didn’t understand that soon enough.¬†Many individual Christians are also ready and willing to help you any way¬†they can, whether they are officially in post-abortion ministry or not.¬†If at first you don’t find the help or guidance you need, please keep looking; Christians vary in their talents and social skills and capacities to deal with specific difficulties, just like everybody else (and, let’s face it,¬†some of them are better taught and/or more mature than others). Or ask God directly to forgive you, and go on from there. Whatever you do, please don’t spend the rest of your life hurting, or bitter, or estranged from God. There’s no need for that.

If you would like my prayers, just ask. Fifty million dead is something I can’t get my head around, but I sure can hear individual cries of grief.

Ladies, help me out. If you know of any good resources for people dealing with the hurt of abortion, please let us know in the comments.

A federal district court has sided with West Virginians For Life in challenges to West Virginia election law and restrictions on political speech.

The bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Paterson, N.J. writes about A Politician’s Promise: No Life! No Freedom!¬†(via

Missouri has a Choose Life license plate, thanks to pro-lifers who refused to give up. It looks like Arizona should have¬†something similar¬†soon. Ah, here we go… here’s some history on Choose Life plates from Florida, which led the way, according to the article. Also from the Choose Life, Inc. website, here’s a map of the United States showing which states have Choose Life plates, and the status of efforts in other states.

Pope Tells Doctors: Love and Honor the Dignity of Incurable Patients. (one key point:¬†‘a cure-crazed attitude brings the temptation of “abandoning the patient when it is seen that a noticeable result cannot be obtained.”‘) In other words, just because you can’t fix something doesn’t mean you should kill the patient or treat him as no longer human. (You don’t want to hear this, but according to¬†a¬†so-called modern¬†Hippocratic Oath¬†taught at some medical schools, it’s considered OK to kill a patient as long as you don’t take the responsibility lightly.)

One-Issue Politics, One-Issue Marriage, and the Humane Society. An oldie but a goodie by John Piper, via Megan (in a comment at a previous post).

Via Michelle¬†(in a comment at a previous post), British baby survives abortion attempt¬†and is now a welcomed member of the family. The mother had gone in for an abortion because she was reeling from the death of an earlier child and, as she put it,¬†didn’t know how to cope with the prospect of losing another one. (Grief and fear do mess with¬†the ability to think, don’t they?)¬†

There are more good links recommended in other recent comments. Please check the recent comments section in the sidebar, or browse through previous posts.

“Gut Check” at Wittingshire is a short post that I have not been able to get out of my head or my heart since I read it in 2006. Rereading it today, it got to me again.

What other posts do you know of that have stood the test of time? For that matter, do you have a post of your own that you’d like to rescue from the mists of time, so to speak? Comment away. That’s what we’re here for.

From a comment on a previous post, Mamselle Duroc recommends this video¬†from America’s Choice Now.

For those of you not in the United States, please bear with our election focus right now. Sen. Obama not only supports abortion, he has (as the above video notes) made abolishing pro-life laws already on the books a cornerstone of his campaign.

Welcome. This is just another place for pro-life ladies to meet and share and offer support to one another.
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