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Oct. 23 pro-life round-up

Posted on: October 23, 2008

From LifeSiteNews, Pro-life Pharmacy in Virginia Now Open. In addition to being pro-life, the Divine Mercy Care (DMC) Pharmacy is also lady friendly, if you are the sort of lady who hates to run the gauntlet of magazines and supplies for the unfaithful you have to confront at many other drugstores.

Via Abortion Myths Dispelled at, Richard M. Doerflinger looks at “What Reduces Abortions?” He also looks at false claims being used to bolster support for Roe v Wade. One bit of good news in the Doerflinger article: “…the abortion rate has dropped 30% from 1981 to 2005; the decline started 12 years before Clinton took office, and has continued fairly steadily to the present day.”

This is not a specifically pro-life link, but if you know someone in his or her teens, you might want to introduce them to The Rebelution, which is “a teenage rebellion against low expectations.” These young people are out to build a healthier culture, and they’ve made some progress.


1 Response to "Oct. 23 pro-life round-up"

I think the rebelution article fits. If we can get our teens out of the low expectations, low responsibility mindset (which in the pro choice circles seems to lead to the when you screw up here’s where and how you can kill your baby speech) we can start teaching them to value life again. A great place to make a permanent change in the mindset of our society is with our youth. Our kids are capable of succeeding and becoming responsible and moral members of society (who take responsibility for their actions). We need to be there to reinforce it and show them that they are capable of doing things. We need to drop this notion that we’ve created that we need to coddle our youth because they will screw things up if left to their own devices. It’s a very negative cycle. We need to take back our youth. Anyway I could go on for a year. It was an excellent article and it does fit.

I am excited about the pro life pharmacy. I’d like to see more of them.

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