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Oregon voter heads-up

Posted on: October 29, 2008

I finally got around to voting (in Oregon, everyone is mailed ballots early, and either mails them in or takes them to a drop off location). For the Attorney General’s race there is no Republican candidate this year, but the Democrat has received some Republican support. So I went to check his statement in the voter’s guide put out by the state.

Oops. Pro-abortion.

And how’s this for mental whiplash? Right under his list of things he wants to do to “Move Oregon Forward,” in which the last line is “Defend civil rights, a woman’s right to choose and Oregon crime victims,” there is an endorsement by (former) Gov. John Kitzhaber, which reads, “John’s courtroom experience and his thoughtful ideas for protecting our children and the environment make him the right person for the job.”

His thoughtful ideas for protecting our children?

OK, to be fair he wants to go after meth labs, and go after people who ought to be paying child support but aren’t – but, pardon me for mentioning the obvious, but a child has to survive to reap the benefits of those measures. And besides, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t pressuring a woman into getting an abortion one of the leading ways deadbeat fathers avoid child support in the first place these days? Hello? What would it hurt to move the starting line for assuming parental responsibility forward to when parenthood actually starts?

Not one of the endorsements I saw elsewhere mentioned this candidate’s stance on abortion, or his endorsement by NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon PAC. Granted, I might have missed one that did, but what I did see simply didn’t mention the issue.

Please use the comments if you need to alert readers to other pro-abortion candidates who aren’t generally identified as such.


2 Responses to "Oregon voter heads-up"

MT governor, up for re-election: Brian Schweitzer believes abortion is a woman’s right.

There was a guide that was sent out with the Denver Catholic Register for just such a reason. I found that Thomas Miller and Dorothy Marshal both pro- abortion republicans running for state senate in Colorado. The rest seem to have divided themselves along party lines democrat pro abortion and republican pro life. Our current gov is actually a pro life democrat who ran against a pro abortion republican so it’s not always along those lines. You have to keep your eyes open.

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