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“99 Balloons”

Posted on: November 3, 2008

For what it’s worth, this video has been viewed 1,280,730 times at YouTube as of right now…


3 Responses to "“99 Balloons”"

That is a beautiful video. Your OBGYN would tell you that this is a lethal condition (not compatible with life) and it can be but it is not 100% of the time. They want you to abort your baby right then and there if you find this in a baby. There are very very rare cases where (mostly females) survive to adulthood. You don’t know what that baby’s life expectancy is. It could be a day, it could be a month, it could be a year, or longer. Many doctors will play up the “quality of life” angle. Which I find odd because they don’t know how much pain or unhappiness that child has. The baby has no way of telling us.

Last March my husband and I found out that the nursing home his grandma had been in had stopped giving her liquids and was not doing anything to make sure she had any sort of nutrition at his mothers request. When we asked his mom, she insisted that his grandma had signed a DNR request and somehow that included these things in her mind. Every doctor and nurse tried to say that this was an extremely painless way to die and that they were looking out for her “quality of life”. My husband and I found this to be a very strange statement considering one of the things discovered during WWII was that dehydration was in fact a very painful way to die. Unfortunately we found this information out too late and she had passed away by time we knew who to contact in order to prevent this. We were not asking to violate her DNR, just that she be provided with an IV for her comfort and welfare. That seemed like a quality of life also. We also found out that she had been in somewhat decent health until she stopped taking food and water at the home. As far as we can tell her severe deterioration started at the point a doctor convinced his mom not to give her any kind of IV fluids and let her have this quality of life at the end. His grandma was not able to communicate effectively at that point because of the dementia. When his mom found out she had dementia, she had already decided at that point that her mom was dying (because she wouldn’t have wanted to live like that). His mom and the doctors decided what quality of life was for her. It’s amazing how we decide what quality of life is for other people. It’s amazing how doctors will tell you what ever they need to, just to get the result they deem fit for that person.

For me every day I’m alive is a quality life. Every day my son and I spend together is a quality. What these people did was amazing. That little baby had a beautiful life that affected everyone around him, even if it was short. God gives us these people in our lives for a reason. There have been a few cases of baby’s born with anencephaly (most of their brain missing) and surviving . The lesson here is that these lives are worth living. These are people too. Don’t let the death culture myth about “quality” versus quantity of life fool you.

That is a beautiful video. I would love it if you could add me to your blogroll when you have a chance.

Oh, Michelle, I’m so sorry about your husband’s grandmother. ((Hugs.))

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