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Nov. 6 round-up

Posted on: November 6, 2008

The Australian government is denying permanent residence to a German doctor because his son has Down Syndrome? (hat tip: Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation)

But wash your eyes out with this Mother and Child celebration of mothers with their children who have Down Syndrome.

Dr. Mark Miravalle calls on Catholics to pray, be beacons of joy, and stand firm in the face of the increased assaults on human dignity we are likely going to face now that the election in the United States went the way it did. (hat tip: the link at the bottom of this post at The Practicing Catholic).

Speaking of The Practicing Catholic, she notes that changes of heart happen, and can make a huge difference. (I’m formerly pro-choice myself. Add me to the evidence pile, if you’d like.)

Still speaking of Catholics, there’s no despair, but plenty of resolve, over at

Over at Truth Observed, Dr. Del Tackett of Focus on the Family is pointing out that “There is much that … [a] winsome child of God can do in a time like this.”

A doctor in Indiana is trying to insure proper medical care for women getting abortions, and pro-abortion advocates don’t like it. (Fair warning: Includes some information on the botched procedures that prompted the request for new safeguards.)

Networking, networking: Some of you might be interested in signing up at Moms for Modesty. Everyday Mommy was up to over 1,500 signatures when she changed blog hosts and lost them in the transfer (can’t technology be fun?). She’s back up to 711. (hat tip: the sidebar at SFO Mom)

As always, feel free to add to the round-up by leaving a comment. Those of you with a previously-approved comment will see your comment show up right away. Newbies have to wait until whenever it is I get back to the computer.


1 Response to "Nov. 6 round-up"

It’s amazing how we feel worthy to judge whether people are worthwhile to our society or a burden to society. I was very sad to read about the case of the down syndrome boy in Australia. The saddest part is that down syndrome children can require as much or as little health care as the average “normal” child. They can have things like heart defects (which “normal” children have) or they can be perfectly healthy (like “normal” children). It’s amazing to me how much more aware I am of how we treat the elderly, disabled, and the sick after my husbands grandmother died.

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