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Nov. 7 round-up

Posted on: November 7, 2008

Mere Comments is alive with pro-life posts: For instance, James M. Kushiner notes that skin color is not the burning issue of our time, “It’s that we’ve forgotten the value of human skin in the first place.” He also notes “The Debate That Won’t Go Away after Nov. 4”, which is the debate within the Catholic Church between those who hold to church teaching, and those who claim it’s all right to vote for a pro-abortion candidate. Anthony Esolen, in a neighboring post, wonders what Sen. Obama means by saying he’s “Rooted in the Christian Tradition” on the one hand, while on the other supporting what ‘the Christian tradition’ condemns, like abortion. (Also, as Esolen notes, saying you’re rooted in the Christian tradition is not quite the same as saying you’re Christian.)

Michelle at Rosetta Stone is clinging to hope and charting ways to fight for mothers and their unborn children now that protection under the law seems unlikely. (Or, as Patrick put it over at The Paragraph Farmer, “…a pro-life outcome in the aftermath of an Obama/Biden victory requires a miracle of the kind that slapped Saul upside the head on the road to Damascus.”)

This is an encore link, but if you didn’t see it before, “Just Look” by Edward Cardinal Egan is one of the best articles about the humanity of the youngest among us that I’ve seen.

Have you heard of Rock for Life? These young people are encouraging one another “to stand up among your peers and fight against the destruction of your generation.” They use both music and education to fight lies put out by the music industry. They also sometimes tell Hollywood what they think.

Following a link in the last-linked article, I found out that singer Jordin Sparks has been fighting the good fight against promiscuity and abortion, even in the hostile environs of MTV. Good for her. I more or less gave up on contemporary music a while back. I guess I’ve missed some decent stuff, in both senses of the word.

Added: Today is this month’s Monthly Call For Life day.


1 Response to "Nov. 7 round-up"

Good for Jordin Sparks. Not my kind of music but I’m always glad to hear anyone in entertainment fighting the good fight and not being afraid to do it. It’s a big help to the cause when you consider how many people are influenced by various entertainers/ actors/ and other forms of media these days. For anyone interested in fighting FOCA there’s a petition that’s already going around and I also found an great video on another blog that is the woman that was Roe in Roe vs Wade speaking out against abortion . Kind of interesting that so many years later afterwards there are not only former abortion doctors speaking out against abortion but also the woman who made it legal in this country. I think that says a lot.

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