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I’ve added a Friends/News/Views ‘blogroll’, for bloggers and websites that don’t fit the Ladies for Life category. I’d appreciate nominations and applications. Where do you go for pro-life news? Resources? Inspiration? What pro-life gentlemen bloggers have blogs fit for a lady to read?


Here’s the story behind this video:

As of post time, the video had been viewed 434,121 times at YouTube.

hat tip: Lutherans for Life, and Team Sarah Pro-Life Coalition

I was strolling around, link to link to link (you know how that goes), and stumbled across a pro-lifer who is requesting that other pro-lifers send empty red envelopes to the White House. Explanation here.

The request was for mailings this weekend, but I can’t see any reason to hold off if you’re late to the project, if this is something you’d like to do. In fact, I suspect it might have more impact if it became an ongoing thing…

Update: Over at Lutherans for Life, I found they were also pushing a Red Envelopes for Life project, and had a link to The Red Envelope Project website.

Health care providers are in danger of losing the protections President Bush put into place on his way out of office. Link to article. For comparison: links to abortion-supporter responses.

Related/background: The Tip of the Spear: Defending Pharmacists’ Freedom of Conscience, by Elizabeth Rose, at Defending Life 2009.

See also: The Declaration of Independence (especially the unalienable rights part).

See also: Preamble to The Constitution of the United States:

We, the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

FYI: Team Sarah has a pro-life coalition that’s up to 534 members. (I’m not sure if you can access the coalition site without becoming a Team Sarah member, but it’s easy enough to sign up if you’re interested.)

The “Game Plan” reveals a strong Catholic slant, but please don’t let that scare you off if you’re Protestant (like me), or haven’t found your way to Christ. These folks are on fire to build a pro-life culture, and they seem to have some good ideas along with their enthusiasm. You’re adaptable, right? We can work together, right?


and protecting teens from the abortion industry. More specifically, she’s supporting proposals in the Alaska House and Senate that would prohibit outsiders from taking a minor to get an abortion behind the backs of the girl’s parents.

hat tip: Alliance Alert

From Personhood USA:

Helena, Montana – 02/26/2009 – Montana’s Senate passed constitutional Personhood Amendment, SB 406, in a 26-24 vote. The amendment, introduced by Senator Dan McGee, passed on its third reading on the Senate floor this morning. This is the first Personhood Amendment in U.S. history to pass a State Senate.

“Senator Dan McGee, writing the language of SB 406 himself, has shown what it truly means to be pro-life,” stated Keith Mason, of Personhood USA. “Senator McGee’s successful efforts on behalf of all human beings at all stages of human life are a giant step forward in historic efforts to ensure the rights and protection of every individual.”

SB 406, which defines person for the purposes of application of inalienable rights, states, “All persons are born free and have certain inalienable rights…person means a human being at all stages of human development of life, including the state of fertilization or conception, regardless of age, health, level of functioning, or condition of dependency.”

“Praise God! The honor of being the first State Senate in U.S. history to recognize the personhood of pre-born children goes to Montana,” commented Cal Zastrow of Personhood USA. “Thanks to the leadership of Sen. Dan McGee, The Montana Personhood Amendment now moves forward to the State House of Representatives.”

SB 406 must continue on to pass the Montana House of Representatives with a majority vote of 74. Once it passes, it is to immediately become a part of the state’s constitution. The race is on between Montana and North Dakota for the first Personhood legislation in our nation’s history, as Montana’s Personhood Amendment continues on to its House of Representatives, and North Dakota’s Personhood legislation continues on to its Senate…

hat tip: Alliance Alert

The Oklahoma House of Representatives has passed a bill 93-4 banning doctors from performing abortions based solely on the sex of the baby. The bill now goes to the Senate for consideration.

hat tip: Alliance Alert

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