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Testing, testing…

Posted on: February 4, 2009

Hey, when I crash a computer, I really crash a computer… 😛

After some repair work, my computer is finally up and running today, but I find that I still have some serious problems. Blogging will probably be iffy for a while yet.

On the upside, I have had a wonderful ‘blog break’, during which I’ve been trying to grow where I’m planted. I’ve been participating in two study groups, and have been spending more time visiting with friends and neighbors, and I’ve been reading books, and I’ve been working on getting some books published, and I’ve quilted some, and given the cookbook collection a workout, and otherwise had the sort of life I had pre-Internet and pre-email. There are, I find, pros and cons to that. (If this goes on much longer, you might as well start calling me Rip Van Winkle, as out of touch as I’m getting with current events.)

On the upside, I found out, during discussion time at one of my study groups, that a young man I had assumed was solidly pro-life was hovering around in the haven’t-quite-thought-it-all-through camp, which is to say that he had fallen into the ‘there shouldn’t be abortions except in cases of rape or to save the life of the mother’ routine. Now, I’m not going to argue against abortion in the extremely rare and horrible cases where the pregnancy is so abnormal that if it continues both the mother and child will die – but I’m against pushing abortion as some kind of cure for rape. For one thing, babies aren’t babies only when the circumstances surrounding their starts are what everybody would like. For another, I’m pretty well convinced that sooner or later, most women who kill their kid after a rape come to the realization that killing an innocent child is one of the few things on this planet worse than raping somebody. On the other hand, those who protect the child at least until it is born can look back and know that they brought something good out of a bad situation. Etc.

Anyway, I am gently urging a very smart, well-educated, thoughtful and articulate young Christian man to think about abortion in a way he hasn’t before. I know how long it took me to move away from the camp he’s in, so I’m not pressing. But I’m hopeful. And if he comes around, he’s got friends he discusses deep subjects with, and they’ve got friends…

Wish me luck.


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