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Firming the foundations: Camp Joshua

Posted on: April 4, 2009

Oregon Right to Life has an annual camp for pro-lifers ages 16-21, called Camp Joshua.

From a letter to parents on the Camp Joshua website:

Do you know that the majority of high school teenagers consider themselves pro-life? But did you know that, by the time they graduate from college, the majority are pro-choice? This is not because college students learn the truth about abortion by any means! Rather, it is because they don’t know why they are pro-life in the first place, and so when they start to hear the very strong pro-choice presence on college campuses they start to believe that perhaps the pro-choice movement is right about abortion…

I’ve heard this elsewhere, by the way – that a lot of young pro-lifers are pro-life because it feels right to them, or because they feel sorry for the baby who gets killed, or because they feel sorry for themselves or others who lost a sibling to abortion. Since they’re basically flying by the seat of their pants, it’s often not all that hard to steer them into a new opinion, perhaps one based on feeling sorry for pregnant women who would rather be babyless.

(OK, so it’s not just young people who suffer from this sort of thinking. I know plenty of older pro-lifers who are a bit fuzzy on the moral reasoning.)

It’s clear that a lot of young pro-lifers seem to be solid as rocks on right and wrong, and are well-educated on the issues, and are well-prepared to defend the defenseless when the situation calls for it. But, like any of us, they can have their weak spots, too.

Bottom line: Kindly don’t assume that if your kids are pro-life, they’re basing their position on solid reasoning and firm foundations instead of emotion. Ask! You might be surprised (I hope you will be pleasantly surprised, but…).

Questions: Does your area have anything along the lines of Camp Joshua? Can you recommend other programs that build up young pro-lifers, and help them network with peers?


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