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… but then Patricia Ireland goes on to say that she thinks a mother has the right to kill her child anyway. She doesn’t say it quite like that, but I think that’s a fair translation.  Suzy B. has the quote, and ponders this “chink in the armor” of the pro-abortion forces.

Thine Eyes is a documentary on this year’s March for Life. More info here.

“Cerebral palsy couldn’t stop author”  shines the spotlight on a 57-year-old woman with cerebral palsy, the family that sees her as a gift from God, and the people who help her live with dignity.

An excerpt:

One program at Opportunity Village has allowed Deanna [Lingenfelter] to author three books. “In the middle of the night, God woke me up,” said Deanna. “He said I want you to write books for children on disabilities. If anybody can do it, you can because you are my child and I know you can do this.”

In 2002, “The Magic Toy Box” was published. It’s about a boy and girl who come upon a toy box filled with “broken” toys. Among them, a doll that can’t stand and a teddy bear that can’t see. Each of the toys talks to the children and explains that even though some of their parts don’t work, they still have feelings and want to play.

Her second book, “More Magic,” is geared toward school-aged children. A third book, “God Set Me Free,” an autobiography, is her most recent publication. “The books teach children to relate to us,” said Deanna.

Today, she is a regular member of St. Patrick’s Catholic Parish in Clear Lake, Iowa. A bus transports Deanna and eight other residents from Opportunity Village each week.

“People can be bitter about a disability or they can make the best of it,” she said. “I am doing my best because I promised my family I would. Without my family and God I wouldn’t be the lady I am today.”

pdf version, with picture

Diane Elder, bless her heart, got on CNN to talk about the upsides of not aborting a daughter who had no chance to live longer than a few hours. My thanks to Anderson Cooper for letting her speak, and his respect for her as she dealt with a difficult subject, and to CNN for running the interview.

Previous related post: Help for parents facing pressure to abort their child.

What if your mother tells you your father wanted you dead?

Oh, ouch.

See also: Once Upon a Time Daddy Wished You Dead, where similar cases are recounted and discussed.

See also (coming from a different angle on this): After Running From the Abortion Clinic, Young Father Runs For The Gold.

hat tip for first two links: Head Noises

More and more I’ve been noticing a tendency in some circles, and in popular culture in general, to think of bravery as the commission of ‘something I’m not sure I could bring myself to do if put to the test’. Period.

Now, of course, few of us would consider a person brave if that person did something we’re pretty sure we’d have done under similar circumstances.

The problem is that too many folks these days unthinkingly stop right there. If they find themselves too afraid, or disgusted, or squeamish, to do something, they think that someone who steps over that line they personally don’t want to cross is brave simply for crossing over that line, and never mind if what that ‘brave’ person is doing is pointless, or stupid, or reckless, or unkind, or violent, or downright evil.

If you need an example, read William Saletan’s article “Tiller’s Killer: Is it wrong to murder an abortionist?”. (via Alliance Alert) You might want to send the children out of the room first. But afterward you might want to gather them around you and ask them to tell you what they think of as “brave”. The culture is sending them messages about ‘bravery’ via so-called reality shows, and articles like Saletan’s, and conversations with friends who are steeped in moral relativism or even unmitigated pragmatism (i.e., if it works, it’s good), and via all sorts of other channels. It would be no surprise if they were confused, at least to some degree. Read the rest of this entry »

Ladies, the present and future are blessed by young folks like these.

Just try to look at those smiling faces and not smile. Just try. 🙂

I took a couple days off from news and e-mail, so I’ve just heard of the murder of high-profile abortionist George Tiller. Add my name to the list of those who denounces the killing.

I got the news via an e-mailed statement from Lutherans for Life, which reads:

Lutherans For Life (LFL) joins pro-life groups across the country in extending our sympathy to the family of George Tiller, the late-term abortionist who was gunned down Sunday morning in his church. We join other pro-life groups in denouncing this action as evil. No circumstances justify the violent murder of another human being.

God’s Word tells us not to fight evil with evil but to “overcome evil with good” (Romans 12:21). Based on that same Word of God, LFL believes that abortion is a great evil, the violent murder of another human being that deeply grieves the Author and Redeemer of life. But we oppose the use of evil to overcome this evil. We have the greatest “good” there is to use against it, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. LFL strives to apply the Gospel to the life issues, to change hearts and minds so that people will turn to the Lord of Life and not the god of death as the solution to difficult circumstances. We want to make the killing of children in the sanctity of the womb as unthinkable and deplorable as the killing of George Tiller in the sanctity of his church.

While George Tiller was a member of a Lutheran denomination that does not officially oppose abortion, it should be noted that almost all other Lutheran denominations do take an official stance that opposes abortion and asserts the God-given value of human life from conception to natural death.

We commend the Tiller family and all affected by this tragic event into the loving arms of a crucified and risen Savior. May He be at work in all of this according to His good and gracious will.

LifeNews has some more statements from pro-life groups, all condemning the murder.

Added: Denny Hartford of Vital Signs Ministries, who has peacefully protested outside Tiller’s abortion business, also decries the murder in a post titled Responding to Violence.

Added: Julie D. at Happy Catholic has been thinking about George Tiller and his murderer, and how people fall into such grievous error – or, conversely, how they stay out of it.

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