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Famous feminist says life begins at conception…

Posted on: June 15, 2009

… but then Patricia Ireland goes on to say that she thinks a mother has the right to kill her child anyway. She doesn’t say it quite like that, but I think that’s a fair translation.  Suzy B. has the quote, and ponders this “chink in the armor” of the pro-abortion forces.


2 Responses to "Famous feminist says life begins at conception…"

It’s always been disturbing to me how many people realize that it’s murder and still somehow think that they are perfectly morally and ethically correct to have an abortion anyway. It’s really not a big leap to killing older children who are an inconvenience, the sick, the elderly, or the guy on the corner who looked at you funny for that matter. Killing a person is killing a person no matter how you look at it. It’s a slippery slope. We have a long battle ahead of us to open people’s eyes.

Fifty five years and some-odd months ago, My Mom and Dad engaged in sexual congress with the express purpose of having a child. Within a few hours, one of my father’s sperm managed to penetrate my mother’s egg, and a very short time later, something truly miraculous happened.

The egg divided, and all of the genetic information that made up my father, and all of the genetic information that made up my mother combined to make up all of the genetic information that is me, Timmyjohn. And ever since that moment, I have been on a spiritual journey to become me. I have never for a moment stopped becoming me. And I had as much of a God given, unalienable right to the process of becoming me when I was composed of two cells as I do now, when I am composed of way too many cells. (Especially around my middle!)

This is because during gestation, regardless of which “trimester”, (HA! what a human word!), I was becoming Tim Hansen. I wasn’t becoming a blowfish, or a gazelle, or a pollywog, or a bristle cone pine tree, or a bacterium, or an African gray parrot. To be sure, I am not today the man I was yesterday, or that I was last year, or that I was at the age of twenty, or even the person I was at six weeks in the womb. But it is inarguable that every nano-second from conception to this moment has been spent in the ineluctable continuum of my creation, and no one man or nation of men or especially my mother has the right to interrupt that continuum. To do so would be murder. How could it not be so?

It seems the modern feminist movement has pinned its idea of liberation to the realization of complete reproductive freedom. The argument goes that each and every woman must have the sole responsibility for her own body. The problem with this logic of course is that the supposed “need” for an abortion arises out of an utter abdication of that responsibility in favor of short term sexual gratification. I mean relatively short. At least, I’ve never heard of an orgasm lasting fifty-five years and some odd months! Therefore, it does one absolutely no good to start demanding “reproductive rights” after one has reproduced! It’s like screaming “Gravity isn’t fair!!!” after you’ve deliberately jumped off a cliff!

The question posed by my statement above is not at all the murky, unsolvable conundrum some would have me believe. My existence is a fact .There is really only one point at which it seems logical that that existence commenced, and that is that point of conception. All life is precious. All life is a continuum, from beginning to end, there for to end that life prematurely is the gravest of sins.

I don’t know what to make of this. I only know that the argument belongs right here, at the beginning.

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