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I’m back – perhaps

Posted on: September 3, 2009

My apologies, ladies. Our server went down, and that was only the prelude of my technical difficulties. Somewhere along the way, waiting to have my Internet connection restored, I got wrapped up in “living local” and lost track of the time. My computer got somewhat restored to me yesterday, but I have been kicked offline more than once already today, and the whole works seized up a little while ago. Not even the on/off button would work. (Does unplugging your computer while it’s running give you the trembles, or is it just me? But I figured I had nothing to lose this late in the game, and my husband was still asleep and I didn’t want to wake him, so I deprived the computer of electricity for a few seconds. Worked like a charm. That’s not to say I recommend it. Not in the least. Probably you could destroy data or a computer that way, for all I know.) So, anyway, I guess it’s safe to say that my blogging will be iffy for a while yet.

In the good news department, I’ve been able to do some pro-life work one on one, not least of all getting to be close enough friends with a Christian lady who admitted to me (and the others in our women’s study group) that she’d had an abortion. We’d been discussing the state of the world, and most of the others were feeling discouraged, to put it mildly, and I mentioned that I saw some encouraging signs, especially on the pro-life front. How encouraging it is, I said, that so many of the people at pro-life rallies are young people – and hadn’t the ladies noticed how many “I regret my abortion” signs there were at marches for life, and other public events, and how many people were joining with organizations like Silent No More to bring to light that abortion hurts those who use it?

“There are organizations like that?”, my friend said, her eyes wide. “I had an abortion, and… there are organizations like that? Really?”

She couldn’t dig out pen and paper fast enough, ladies. All these years, and she’d never heard of support groups and ways to speak out – or, at least, they somehow hadn’t gotten through to her yet.

Sometimes, it helps to slow down and build relationships, I guess.

This same lady has since bent over backwards to help an unwed mother who is fast approaching the due date for her first child. The mother has come to our study group, and nobody assures her more often and more earnestly how precious her little unborn baby is than the woman who didn’t understand that when she was young and had been foolish and then assumed no one would support her if she stayed pregnant.

One heart at a time, ladies. One heart at a time.


1 Response to "I’m back – perhaps"

That is an great opportunity that you had. It’s nice to hear some good news in light of all this government funded abortion talk going around these days. Good luck with your computer problems.

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