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In the What We’re Up Against Department, Regis Nicoll takes a look at those who hijack religious terminology and rituals to promote abortions, or even claim to be doing God’s work by killing babies – plus those who are openly dreaming of a day when, well, let me quote:

Concluding like Martin Luther King at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, [Jacob] Appel whips up a rousing vision, “I dream of the day when women are not afraid to walk the streets with pins reading, ‘I had an abortion and it was the right decision,’ and when station wagons bear bumper-stickers announcing, ‘Thank me for having an abortion when I wasn’t ready to be a parent.’”

Mr. Appel – are you ready for this? – is billed as an ethicist.

He flunks Reality 101 in my book. For starters, if you, or someone with whom you’ve had sex, is pregnant – you are a parent.

In the Relatively Good News Department, Nicoll’s column (“Abortion Pride: A Choice Strategy, BreakPoint, Nov. 6, 2009) starts out with:

The abortion industry has hit on hard times. Over the last two decades, the number of providers and abortions has fallen by 33 percent and 25 percent, respectively.

For a billion dollar a year enterprise, that’s a lot of lost revenue; and if recent polling is any indication, the slump hasn’t hit bottom yet.

A sidewalk counselor in Pittsburgh, with the help of the Alliance Defense Fund, has caused a “buffer zone” ordinance to be struck down. My thanks to nurse Mary Kathryn Brown for standing up for the right to peaceably help those who have had, or are considering, an abortion.

Kathryn Jean Lopez, responding to someone trotting out the old “abortion is pro-family because it can cut down on single motherhood” argument, says (writing at The Corner, at National Review Online):

No, we don’t need to embrace single motherhood or embrace murder to cut down on it. We need to teach self-respect and acknowledge that feminism and the sexual revolution led to a whole lot of insanity. We need to culturally reboot. I think we see people slowly realizing this.

There’s no pill to fix it. But then the magic Pill has been part of the problem, so that’s just as well. Quick fixes rarely are the panaceas they’re embraced as.

Abortion Row gets challenged. (I love the portable ultrasound machine.)

hat tip: 40 Days for Life

I have mixed feelings about getting kids involved in anti-abortion advocacy (oh, if only we could shield them from such knowledge when they are little), but there’s no doubt that some of the strongest voices against abortion are coming from children who know all too well (God help us) that they are survivors in a culture that kills babies. A call from one famous young pro-lifer for other kids to make pro-life videos got 40 responses. I should warn you, some of those I previewed had blood and gore.

This one doesn’t, but it ripped my heart out.

hat tip: Susan B. Anthony List

And it includes a monthly abortion premium, too? So says House Republican Leader John Boehner. (Via ADF Alliance Alert.)

Real Health Care Respects Life is also following what’s really in the massive proposals, as opposed to the reassurances from abortion advocates. is also following the issue.

The Susan B. Anthony List folks are also calling for a clear ban on government subsidies on abortion (which we don’t have yet).

OK, so people all over the place are unhappy that the bill contains support for abortion while the promoters are saying it doesn’t. If there’s a useful article or website you’d like to alert the rest of us to, please use the comments.

Added: National Review Online has an editorial that sums things up nicely.

You might have been hearing about a Planned Parenthood director in Texas who abruptly resigned her job after viewing an ultrasound? The news stories I’ve heard on the radio were a bit incomplete (in my view), leaving out the role of 40 Days for Life, and the years of quiet vigils they’ve held at the clinic. Read about it here. And, please, keep Abby Johnson in your prayers. Abortion providers are not especially known for kindness to ex-providers.

I think this story highlights something that sometimes we forget. For many people with pro-life views, it has taken years to work their way over to a consistent, solid, pro-life worldview. I think Jennifer Fulwiler’s post on How I became pro-life is a great illustration of the process many people work through coming out of a ‘pro-choice’ mindset. There might be one defining moment when there is no turning back, but so often that moment follows some serious internal wrestling, and some assessment of what both sides are saying. So, please, try not to lose your cool with someone who is finding it hard to defend her pro-abortion position, but isn’t quite ready to declare herself pro-life. A lot of us (myself included, sad to say), had to go through that middle ground before we could cross the bridge. Patience, ladies.

Welcome. This is just another place for pro-life ladies to meet and share and offer support to one another.
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