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Patience and prayer lead to conversion

Posted on: November 4, 2009

You might have been hearing about a Planned Parenthood director in Texas who abruptly resigned her job after viewing an ultrasound? The news stories I’ve heard on the radio were a bit incomplete (in my view), leaving out the role of 40 Days for Life, and the years of quiet vigils they’ve held at the clinic. Read about it here. And, please, keep Abby Johnson in your prayers. Abortion providers are not especially known for kindness to ex-providers.

I think this story highlights something that sometimes we forget. For many people with pro-life views, it has taken years to work their way over to a consistent, solid, pro-life worldview. I think Jennifer Fulwiler’s post on How I became pro-life is a great illustration of the process many people work through coming out of a ‘pro-choice’ mindset. There might be one defining moment when there is no turning back, but so often that moment follows some serious internal wrestling, and some assessment of what both sides are saying. So, please, try not to lose your cool with someone who is finding it hard to defend her pro-abortion position, but isn’t quite ready to declare herself pro-life. A lot of us (myself included, sad to say), had to go through that middle ground before we could cross the bridge. Patience, ladies.


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