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This might be a good resource: Calendar For Life. It serves as an aggregate site for pro-life events across America, for starters.

from the other side of the fence.

Find out more about a young lady who has been doing wonderful work in Texas, and who has some words of encouragement and advice for those of us who are pro-life, in Jennifer Fulwiler’s interview with Elizabeth McClung. Click through from the above-linked post for the interview.


Getting the message across in 33 seconds:

Pro-lifers, there will be a goodly gathering at the Rose Bowl on March 27, and you’re invited.

Even if you don’t think you can make it to the event, please go check out the website. It’s yet another of those projects run primarily by young people, and they are doing an excellent job.

Amongst other things, they are compiling pro-life videos at the site, and ask that people send them their favorites. Have at!

Soft. Sweet. Beautiful. And to the point. From 2008:

hat tip:  Causa Nostrae Laetitiae

A boy without a cerebellum is forcing medical experts to admit they didn’t know as much about the brain as they thought they did.

Karen Edmisten has a series called When I Was a Pro-Choice Atheist. She’s up to Part 5. Much of it has to do with how often we don’t communicate well with people who don’t agree with us.

She also brings up a point that’s easy to forget. Conversion comes slowly for most people.

(Eric Sammons makes a similar point, in the Results section of How to plant seeds of faith with strangers. Expecting instant results is a mistake. Sometimes it happens, but not often.)

Welcome. This is just another place for pro-life ladies to meet and share and offer support to one another.
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