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So, let’s talk about “rare”…

Posted on: February 12, 2011

Jim Daly says:

…Focus on the Family remains committed to seeing Roe v. Wade overturned. But in the meantime, I want to pose a challenge to Planned Parenthood and abortion activists. They continue to talk about abortion being “safe, legal and rare.”

Let’s consider:

Abortion by its nature is not safe. It’s certainly not safe for the child and in some cases, like we’ve seen with Dr. Gosnell, it’s not even physically safe for the mother. That’s not to mention the long-term emotional devastation that often accompanies this tragic choice.

As I ponder the heaviness of the moment, here is where I think the Lord is leading us:

We will continue to march toward that day when every life is seen as sacred. That is our ultimate aim. In the meantime, I continue to think about the babies that we’re losing right now. It’s time that we sit down with abortion advocates and lay down a challenge. In essence, say to them: “You want to make it rare? Tell us how.”

We won’t ever agree that it’s safe or that it should be legal. We’ll continue to fight for the day that we can overturn Roe v. Wade, because every life is sacred. But I see this as a positive step forward in that fight.

I take my hat off to all those who have labored with such dedication and sacrifice to advance the pro-life cause over these last few decades. Over the years, you, and we, have done great things to incrementally improve a very evil reality. Babies have been saved. Hearts have been changed. But it doesn’t appear we’re going to reach our ultimate goal of eliminating abortion any time soon. So what do we do right now to save more babies this year that will be lost if we don’t sit down and see how we can make it more rare?

Again, this doesn’t mean we agree. We will not compromise our convictions. But how do we save more children who would otherwise be aborted?…

Read the whole article, listen to the related broadcast, or join the discussion here.

1 Response to "So, let’s talk about “rare”…"

Never mind ‘ol Kermit-like abortions, it’s not a safe procedure at all when you include subsequent mental health issues. There are a multitude of studies which can associate abortion with increased risk of mental illness. And I’m not talking about pro-life research either, but Royal College of Psychiatrists, STAKES, and the British Medical Journal studies; all European organizations. And while notoriously liberal, they care about the truth before ideology. The APA and Planned Parenthood care about ideology, and everything else be damned.

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