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There have been some concerns about whether World Vision is iffy on pro-life issues.

See, for instance: Mommy Life: World Vision – not 100% pro-life.

Denny at Vital Signs wrote to World Vision for clarification, and reprints their correspondence here.

…says Chris Stefanick.

Included in the article is another example of a media reporter deliberately misrepresenting the participants in a pro-life march.

Baptist Press takes note of pro-life progress in state legislatures in the United States.

Today’s Family Talk broadcast was Sexuality & Singles -1, and featured Mrs. Elisabeth Elliot. Much of the interview covered topics and information also available (they said) in the book Passion & Purity, by Elliot. Mrs. Elliot offers hope and suggestions for helping today’s singles navigate in a world that falsely assumes that purity isn’t possible, or isn’t a blessing.

One of the highlights of the interview is where they talk about Mrs. Elliot getting a lengthy standing ovation after a talk calling college students to purity. There is, they note, a hunger for putting right above wrong, and a realization that the world’s way doesn’t deliver what it advertises.

Ladies, this is a great post on the value of human life and the sanity and power of Christian love: Teaching Grace, by Tim Muldoon (Patheos, March 22, 2011).

Muldoon uses the occasion of his daughter Grace’s attendance at a memorial mass of a premature baby to explore the topics of love and Christianity.

Chile, which does not allow abortion, offers convincing evidence that pro-abortionists are wrong when they say that abortion reduces maternal deaths.

Zombie writes at Pajamas Media about the wisdom (or lack thereof) of Advanced Directives, and the attitudes of various health care workers, in “Death Channels.” (February 21, 2011)

hat tip: Wendy Wright link on Facebook

What if you really needed work, and got a job offer to help build a Planned Parenthood clinic? (via Barbara Curtis)



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