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When President Obama tapped Arizona’s pro-abortion governor to work for him, it left a possible opening for some common sense restrictions to pass in that state. The state’s House and Human Services Committee has endorsed an omnibus bill with some pro-life provisions. The bill came out of committee with a 5-0 vote, after pro-abortion Democrats refused to attend the hearing. LifeNews has info on HB 2464 and its supporters and opponents.

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A federal district court has sided with West Virginians For Life in challenges to West Virginia election law and restrictions on political speech.

The bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Paterson, N.J. writes about A Politician’s Promise: No Life! No Freedom! (via

Missouri has a Choose Life license plate, thanks to pro-lifers who refused to give up. It looks like Arizona should have something similar soon. Ah, here we go… here’s some history on Choose Life plates from Florida, which led the way, according to the article. Also from the Choose Life, Inc. website, here’s a map of the United States showing which states have Choose Life plates, and the status of efforts in other states.

Pope Tells Doctors: Love and Honor the Dignity of Incurable Patients. (one key point: ‘a cure-crazed attitude brings the temptation of “abandoning the patient when it is seen that a noticeable result cannot be obtained.”‘) In other words, just because you can’t fix something doesn’t mean you should kill the patient or treat him as no longer human. (You don’t want to hear this, but according to a so-called modern Hippocratic Oath taught at some medical schools, it’s considered OK to kill a patient as long as you don’t take the responsibility lightly.)

One-Issue Politics, One-Issue Marriage, and the Humane Society. An oldie but a goodie by John Piper, via Megan (in a comment at a previous post).

Via Michelle (in a comment at a previous post), British baby survives abortion attempt and is now a welcomed member of the family. The mother had gone in for an abortion because she was reeling from the death of an earlier child and, as she put it, didn’t know how to cope with the prospect of losing another one. (Grief and fear do mess with the ability to think, don’t they?) 

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