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Barb at erasetheneed’s blog discusses issues related to assisted suicide.


Taking note of a doctor who naively started her career as a proponent of assisted suicide, but who changed her mind after working with actual disabled people, and watching them go through valleys and come out the other side.

hat tip: Vital Signs

At First Things, David Mills reflects on the death of his father and Real Death, Real Dignity.

This Touchstone editorial examines the “seamless garment” argument some professing Christians are trying to use in their efforts to persuade other Christians that abortion’s not of paramount importance.

Some of the big abortion advocacy groups are apparently learning to shy away from mentioning abortion when attacking pro-life candidates. They find that pushing birth control plays better. Steve Ertelt has the story, and the good news/ bad news aspects of it. (hat tip: Alliance Alert)

The Methodist Church’s 2008 General Conference yielded mixed results in pro-life matters (see the Attempts at Intimidation section). You might note that the pro-abortion activists at this conference also carefully sidestepped talking about abortion. It’s apparently quite the thing these days.

A federal appeals court has sided with Illinois officials who want to refuse to issue Choose Life license plates. And never mind that 25,000 applications were on file, and the threshold needed was 800. Or that Choose Life plates in other states have raised millions for pregnancy centers and adoption programs. For future reference, please note this from the ruling: “…Illinois does not wish to be perceived as endorsing any position on abortion.”

Some good news. Some doctors, hospitals, and nursing homes in Washington state are already putting people on notice that they will not participate in assisted suicides. I hope there will easy ways of finding them. It’s always nicer when you don’t have to worry that a loved one will be getting earnest and potentially deadly discouragement from the medical staff. (Been there. Not fun.)

Pollywog Creek has words of wisdom and encouragement for Christians in the wake of the election.

Welcome. This is just another place for pro-life ladies to meet and share and offer support to one another.
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