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Today’s Family Talk broadcast was Sexuality & Singles -1, and featured Mrs. Elisabeth Elliot. Much of the interview covered topics and information also available (they said) in the book Passion & Purity, by Elliot. Mrs. Elliot offers hope and suggestions for helping today’s singles navigate in a world that falsely assumes that purity isn’t possible, or isn’t a blessing.

One of the highlights of the interview is where they talk about Mrs. Elliot getting a lengthy standing ovation after a talk calling college students to purity. There is, they note, a hunger for putting right above wrong, and a realization that the world’s way doesn’t deliver what it advertises.

Coming attractions: pro-life messages on sidewalks.

The messages are to be made in chalk, please. (If you use permanent markers of any sort, you’re moving into graffiti and vandalism, and that isn’t right.)

Good luck and have fun, if you do this. And don’t let the haters bait you into doing something rash in return. As they say at the event’s web page, “Don’t get discouraged if your “artwork” is scuffed or washed off by haters – that means they saw it!” Thursday’s the official day.

Co-sponsors are Students for Life of America, and Rock for Life.

If you see a college student walking around barefoot this week, he might be trying to save lives.

Gotta love it.

Once again, young people around the world are planning to go publicly silent in honor of those who will never have a voice – that is, the defenseless people killed by abortion. This year’s event, the sixth, is on Tuesday, October 20. has an article. The Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity website is here. (hat tip: Alliance Alert.)

Welcome. This is just another place for pro-life ladies to meet and share and offer support to one another.
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