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Sometimes it pays to aim higher than doctors say is possible, as this teen has proven, following a brain injury.

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coping with Down Syndrome. The program is set to expand throughout the Republic, according to the linked Irish Times article.

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Cass Harris has cerebral palsy. When she was born, her parents were handed grave warnings. Since then, God have mercy, some people have told her she’s living proof of why abortion is merciful. Cass is Christian. Let her shine a little light and love – and insight – into your life, via this short article.

My thanks to Randy Alcorn for inviting her to share her story at his ministry’s website.

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A boy without a cerebellum is forcing medical experts to admit they didn’t know as much about the brain as they thought they did.

“Cerebral palsy couldn’t stop author”  shines the spotlight on a 57-year-old woman with cerebral palsy, the family that sees her as a gift from God, and the people who help her live with dignity.

An excerpt:

One program at Opportunity Village has allowed Deanna [Lingenfelter] to author three books. “In the middle of the night, God woke me up,” said Deanna. “He said I want you to write books for children on disabilities. If anybody can do it, you can because you are my child and I know you can do this.”

In 2002, “The Magic Toy Box” was published. It’s about a boy and girl who come upon a toy box filled with “broken” toys. Among them, a doll that can’t stand and a teddy bear that can’t see. Each of the toys talks to the children and explains that even though some of their parts don’t work, they still have feelings and want to play.

Her second book, “More Magic,” is geared toward school-aged children. A third book, “God Set Me Free,” an autobiography, is her most recent publication. “The books teach children to relate to us,” said Deanna.

Today, she is a regular member of St. Patrick’s Catholic Parish in Clear Lake, Iowa. A bus transports Deanna and eight other residents from Opportunity Village each week.

“People can be bitter about a disability or they can make the best of it,” she said. “I am doing my best because I promised my family I would. Without my family and God I wouldn’t be the lady I am today.”

pdf version, with picture

Via Amy Welborn, Julia Duin has written an article headlined Choosing not to abort babies with disabilities (Washington Times, May 10, 2009), with info on supportive organizations, websites, blogs, and books, amongst other things.

Feel free to add to that resource list here in the comments. Thanks.

Michelle Zappe links to, and comments on, a story about a disabled Kansas resident who was written off a bit too soon by school officials.

In a post at Pollywog Creek, Patricia writes:

I must leave shortly for an appointment and there’s not enough time for me to elaborate at the moment, but finding this from Dr. Mohler in my reader this morning made my heart race. It is my passion and my burden. It is the one place I know God has called me to use what ever gifts He has chosen to grant me, and I could use prayers that I will remain focused to the task. (“Do Not Cast Me Off in the Time of Old Age,” Part One.)

Via The Alliance Alert, Denver’s Catholic Archbishop, Charles J. Chaput, writing in his personal capacity, discusses Little Murders in an article at an Oct 18, 2008, article at Public Discourse. The article is adapted from an address he gave at an ENDOW (”Educating on the Nature and Dignity of Women”) dinner.

Also from a Catholic perspective, but providing good information and food for thought for all of us, the blog has had several good pro-life posts lately.

From our own blogroll here at Ladies for Life:

A Maiden’s Wreath has Texas Bishops’ Statement, focusing on Respect Life Month in their churches. The Practicing Catholic has Reactions to DFW bishops’ statement, in which she fisks a newspaper article that came out in response to the statement. (I do have the terminology right, don’t I? Fisking is where you run an article with your corrections and commentary inserted, isn’t it?)

A Vertical View – For a Change has Sarah’s Heart for Special Needs, which features an msnbc video of Gov. Palin, focusing on her advocacy for families meeting the challenge of special needs, and their support of her.

Behold Your Mother has Rosary for the Unborn, about a worldwide prayer held today.

Living al Dente has Election 2008, with abortion as an issue.

Mommy Life has Obama – on being punished with a baby.

Mommy Monsters Inc. invites you to Join the EMN Carnival, celebrating mothers both biological and adopted. Deadline is Oct. 20.

PalmTree Pundit has Quote of the Day.

At Salome Ellen, Quick Political Giggle links back to a September post called It’s Not Really About Politics.

The Collected Thoughts of the Zappe Family has Real Women, wherein Michelle takes exception to the radical feminist definition of “real women”.

Vivid Imagination has McCain is My Man… She has an adopted daughter. That plays into the decision.

Wittingshire has Right to Life, where she shares a story told by Michael Medved.

Your turn. I grabbed these on a quick look around. Let us know about other posts in the comments, please.

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