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Wesley J. Smith looks at the problem of doctors who give up before the patient does.

If I understand correctly, Canadian doctors are seeking legal cover for withdrawing medical care without consent.

From the 40 Days for Life blog, Day 31:

Eileen in Beaumont recently witnessed some men who answered the call on what was otherwise a typical day on the job.

A truck from a heating and air conditioning contractor pulled up in front of the abortion center where the 40 Days for Life vigil is in progress. A couple of guys got out and saw the signs: “Pray to end abortion.”

“Do they do abortions in there?” asked one of the men. The volunteers responded, “Yes, they do!”

This man had not been aware of that. “We don’t do work for people who do abortions,” he said sharply, “and we will tell them so!”

With that, the two men went inside the abortion facility, came right back out, got in their truck and left.

“We want to encourage all businesses to be as brave as those folks,” Eileen said of the men who put principle above money. “Our world would be different if everyone took such a strong stand.”

Denny Hartford has a few suggestions.

He notes that active euthanasia – actual hastening of death – has become more common in medical facilities than many people realize – until they have a loved one in need of care.

The Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network is also a good place to turn for information, and help.

In Canada, there’s the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition.

Hawaii Right to Life has been working hard to fight euthanasia and assisted suicide.

OK, there are groups and individuals all over who are trying to fight this, but it’s something of an uphill battle, because all too many medical schools adopted a ‘quality of life’ mindset years back, and tossed out the Hippocratic Oath at the same time. Some med schools use a modified oath (which suggests that killing a patient should never be undertaken lightly, but it’s OK if you’re humble about it), and others don’t even go as far as that. (See here for more on the different oaths, and a discussion related to it.) So, we’re pretty much left with a lottery based on the individual consciences of the medical staff we happen to get, pushed or pulled by ethics committees and facility policies, when we go for care. And since so many people these days, including those operating health care facilities and nursing homes, think in terms of moral relativity or situational ethics, this can make it very dangerous to be at their (misguided) mercy.

Feel free to list other resources in the comments.

… to a research company that comes up with artificial flavors using cells from aborted babies. Info and links here.

People are calling for boycotts.

That should be easy enough. This is food we’re talking about. Who wants to buy food that makes them sick to think about?

Please note: Campbell Soup has severed ties with the research company. They are no longer on the boycott list. If you hear of other companies that respond appropriately, let us know in the comments.

Heads up, Californians.

Never mind that embryonic stem cell research has helped no one and harmed many – or that adult stem cell research has provided great benefits without the ethical downsides. California has come up with a sneaky way of skimming more money from the citizenry to pay for embryonic stem cell research, according to EraseTheNeed’s Blog. Barb says “This new bill (AB 190) is due to be heard tomorrow, April 5.”

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