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Wesley J. Smith looks at the problem of doctors who give up before the patient does.

Barb at erasetheneed’s blog discusses issues related to assisted suicide.

If I understand correctly, Canadian doctors are seeking legal cover for withdrawing medical care without consent.

He is breathing on his own, too, which is very good news. But all his family had been asking all along, really, was that they could take him home. And he’s finally there.

Taking note of a doctor who naively started her career as a proponent of assisted suicide, but who changed her mind after working with actual disabled people, and watching them go through valleys and come out the other side.

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Denny Hartford has a few suggestions.

He notes that active euthanasia – actual hastening of death – has become more common in medical facilities than many people realize – until they have a loved one in need of care.

The Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network is also a good place to turn for information, and help.

In Canada, there’s the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition.

Hawaii Right to Life has been working hard to fight euthanasia and assisted suicide.

OK, there are groups and individuals all over who are trying to fight this, but it’s something of an uphill battle, because all too many medical schools adopted a ‘quality of life’ mindset years back, and tossed out the Hippocratic Oath at the same time. Some med schools use a modified oath (which suggests that killing a patient should never be undertaken lightly, but it’s OK if you’re humble about it), and others don’t even go as far as that. (See here for more on the different oaths, and a discussion related to it.) So, we’re pretty much left with a lottery based on the individual consciences of the medical staff we happen to get, pushed or pulled by ethics committees and facility policies, when we go for care. And since so many people these days, including those operating health care facilities and nursing homes, think in terms of moral relativity or situational ethics, this can make it very dangerous to be at their (misguided) mercy.

Feel free to list other resources in the comments.

In Death in Springtime: Terri Schiavo and Pope John Paul II, Leticia Velasquez remembers their deaths, while explaining one of the reasons Terri’s death was so personal to her. Her daughter, with Down syndrome, had been hospitalized, and the nurses had been hostile.

Like many of us, it was the barbaric killing of Terri Schiavo that turned Velasquez actively pro-life.

She writes for various publications. She blogs here. And here.

Zombie writes at Pajamas Media about the wisdom (or lack thereof) of Advanced Directives, and the attitudes of various health care workers, in “Death Channels.” (February 21, 2011)

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