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If I understand correctly, Canadian doctors are seeking legal cover for withdrawing medical care without consent.

Ladies, this is a great post on the value of human life and the sanity and power of Christian love: Teaching Grace, by Tim Muldoon (Patheos, March 22, 2011).

Muldoon uses the occasion of his daughter Grace’s attendance at a memorial mass of a premature baby to explore the topics of love and Christianity.

It’s the largest yet.

It runs March 9 through April 17.

At First Things, David Mills reflects on the death of his father and Real Death, Real Dignity.

One of her readers asked The Anchoress ‘Should I pray before an abortion clinic?’ and this wonderful post was written in reply.

Cardinal Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI) wrote wise words about the need for joy, and Wittingshire shares some of them.

Anthony Esolen discusses how, so often, “compassion” has led to murder. A snippet:

Flannery O’Connor once said that without faith we would govern by compassion, and that compassion leads to the gas chamber.  We’d do well to ask why that is so, and what it might have to do with the insights of Lewis and Tolkien.  That is, we should investigate the motives of those who want to see the world, and man in it, as thoroughly secular, free of the holy.

Another snippet:

It is always so with man.  I cannot think of a single degradation of our culture that has not come into the room dabbing at its eyes with a handkerchief, pleading for mercy, or pleading for the opportunity to bring mercy — why, joy itself! — to poor unfortunate others.  Sharkey shows up at the Shire to help.

Read the whole thing.

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