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He is breathing on his own, too, which is very good news. But all his family had been asking all along, really, was that they could take him home. And he’s finally there.

Ladies, this is a great post on the value of human life and the sanity and power of Christian love: Teaching Grace, by Tim Muldoon (Patheos, March 22, 2011).

Muldoon uses the occasion of his daughter Grace’s attendance at a memorial mass of a premature baby to explore the topics of love and Christianity.

A boy without a cerebellum is forcing medical experts to admit they didn’t know as much about the brain as they thought they did.

From the Green Bay, Wisconsin 40 Days for Life website:

Friends and supporters of 40 Days Green Bay are always welcome to walk and pray at any hour of the day or night during our vigil.  To maintain minimal coverage, we cover shifts as follows:

Night Shifts (6pm-8am;  14 hours/day)
These shifts are manned by our Sleep No More men, who have determined that men have a grave responsibility to Serve, Defend and Protect the family.  Because women often get up with the babies, we’ve vowed to Sleep No More, until the culture of death is defeated.

Day Shifts (8am-6pm;  10 Hours/day)
In order to encourage growth of pro-life activism in our Catholic parishes and Christian denominations, we seek to fill five two hour shifts each day with church groups.  Nearly 50 different church groups are uniting to defeat this outrageous evil.  Join us!

Thank you, gentlemen.

We continue to have interesting responses to the fetal models we stock in our bookstore cum gas station, but the one that haunts me the most is a woman who never had an abortion, but…

She had to wait to pay for her gas, and she picked up one of the dolls while she waited, and she read the information card that comes with it, and when it was her turn to pay, she still stood there, holding the tiny doll, thoughtful. “You know,” she told my husband, who was running the cash register, “all three of those kids in my car out there almost were abortions.” She went on to explain that the youngest two were only out there because she’d fought everybody around her, including the father of the children. “But… the 15-year-old… I almost did on my own… Not a day goes by that I don’t think of how I almost…”

My husband gave her a fetal model, on the promise that she’d show it to her kids when the time was right. “I’ll do that. I’ll do that,” she said, “We’ll have a family meeting tonight.” And with that she went out to her car. And had a breakdown. It was a long time before she stopped sobbing enough that she could drive away.

God have mercy.

Ladies, there is so much obvious hurt in the wake of an actual abortion, that I wonder if we pay enough attention to the people torn apart by the guilt of knowing they considered an abortion? Or the pain caused when families split into the ‘kill the kid’ and ‘don’t kill the kid’ camps when a woman gets pregnant? Or the lasting scars carried around by women who thought they could count on support from those they trusted, but instead found that their trust was misplaced?

I’ve only had a few women confide in me that they considered an abortion, decided against, and then had to fight family members and friends who thought it was the wrong choice. But so far every one of them has said, at some point in the conversation, some variation of  “Not a day goes by that I don’t think about how I almost didn’t have that child over there,” or “Not a day goes by that I don’t think how my father/her father/my supposed best friend/etc. wanted her dead.”

Every one of the mothers has said how glad she is that she toughed it out. But every one of them is having trouble coming to grips with what she went through on the way.

Christianity offers a way to get past that, at least as far as letting you shed whatever guilt you might be toting around, and letting you start fresh. Repentance provides gifts beyond measure. By all means, if you are struggling with guilt over ‘nearly having an abortion’ or over being ‘pro-choice’ in your younger days, I strongly recommend you take it to the Lord in prayer. If you are truly sorry, whether it is over something you did or something you thought, you can get right with God, and be freed up to move on to the next lesson in right and wrong.

But, let’s face it. Families that sit around and discuss the pros and cons of killing the newest member are doing more than holding a family conference. They are behaving treacherously. And there’s no reason to think that the survivors of that treachery will forget it. Is there? Perhaps, with God’s help, they can forgive it some day. But is any family ever the same after abortion is discussed, especially when it is being discussed in relation to an actual human being, instead of just being kicked around in the abstract? I have to wonder.

Certainly, at our store, we’re seeing people who have been hurt, and deeply, because somebody – well-meaning, perhaps, but perhaps selfishly – promoted abortion instead of the love that stands staring into the face of adversity and declares its loyalty.

The Knights of Columbus have long been dedicated to building a culture of life. They also have a Fathers For Good program that should help with that. (Fathers For Good is for daddies, not priests, by the way.)

hat tip: Joe Healy

“Cerebral palsy couldn’t stop author”  shines the spotlight on a 57-year-old woman with cerebral palsy, the family that sees her as a gift from God, and the people who help her live with dignity.

An excerpt:

One program at Opportunity Village has allowed Deanna [Lingenfelter] to author three books. “In the middle of the night, God woke me up,” said Deanna. “He said I want you to write books for children on disabilities. If anybody can do it, you can because you are my child and I know you can do this.”

In 2002, “The Magic Toy Box” was published. It’s about a boy and girl who come upon a toy box filled with “broken” toys. Among them, a doll that can’t stand and a teddy bear that can’t see. Each of the toys talks to the children and explains that even though some of their parts don’t work, they still have feelings and want to play.

Her second book, “More Magic,” is geared toward school-aged children. A third book, “God Set Me Free,” an autobiography, is her most recent publication. “The books teach children to relate to us,” said Deanna.

Today, she is a regular member of St. Patrick’s Catholic Parish in Clear Lake, Iowa. A bus transports Deanna and eight other residents from Opportunity Village each week.

“People can be bitter about a disability or they can make the best of it,” she said. “I am doing my best because I promised my family I would. Without my family and God I wouldn’t be the lady I am today.”

pdf version, with picture

What if your mother tells you your father wanted you dead?

Oh, ouch.

See also: Once Upon a Time Daddy Wished You Dead, where similar cases are recounted and discussed.

See also (coming from a different angle on this): After Running From the Abortion Clinic, Young Father Runs For The Gold.

hat tip for first two links: Head Noises

From today’s Lutherans For Life email:

According to Elizabeth, Mary was not an expectant mother. “And why is this granted to me that the mother of my Lord should come to me?” (Luke 1:43) Elizabeth refers to Mary as already being a mother. He was smaller than the tip of a pin, but her child, Jesus, already existed within her. She was as much His mother then as she was when He was born or in the temple at 12 or when He began His ministry at 30.


“Expectant mother” is a contradiction. If you are pregnant, you are a mother! It’s a biological fact, and yet one denied day after day to make abortion palatable. But abortion does more than terminate a pregnancy, it terminates a child. Abortion does not end motherhood, it makes someone the mother of a dead child.   


Some may think it insensitive to connect abortion and Mothers’ Day. But mothers of aborted babies make that connection, and they need our prayerful support. Jesus loved and cared for His mother from the cross. He loves and cares for all mothers through the cross. His unconditional love exhibited there flows through the arms of mothers every day to countless children. His complete forgiveness purchased there flows through His Word and Sacraments every day to countless sinners who find hope and healing as His children. 


So instead of saying someone is an “expectant mother,” send them a Mothers’ Day card! They already are someone’s mom! 


Grace and peace in Christ to all of you and especially to all you mothers.


Your servant For Life,


Jim Lamb

Personally, I don’t see “expectant mother” as a contradiction, but that’s because I see it as talking about a certain type of mother – just as I might speak of an experienced mother, or a bereaved mother, or a doting mother, or what have you. But if there are folks who truly translate “expectant” as “not-quite” or “not-yet”, I guess I need to be more careful how I use the phrase.

On the other hand, I’m all for wishing Happy Mother’s Day to pregnant ladies, and wishing Happy Father’s Day to the fathers of babies in the womb.

Your thoughts?

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