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Legislation targets pregnancy centers in Oregon. Info here.

Baptist Press takes note of pro-life progress in state legislatures in the United States.

The House and Senate need to work out some differences, but it looks like Texas is well on its way to insuring that more mothers see their unborn child before deciding whether to kill the child. Under the House version, a woman would have to have a sonogram at least a day before an abortion, so she has time to think about it.

I’m still hoping for – and don’t intend to settle for less than – widespread personhood recognition of the unborn in my lifetime, but considering that oh so many people don’t really seem to ‘get’ the real, live uniqueness and self of each preborn without seeing a sonogram, I can certainly understand the push to make sonograms more a part of the landscape. Please, though, let’s not stop there. Anything but protection from conception to natural death keeps us in ‘legally choosing to kill unwanted people’ country. And that’s not a good place to be.

Of course, it makes most sense to protect each human being from the moment of conception. Everything else is an artificial line, as well as an immoral one.

But to afford legal protection as soon as a beating heart is detected would at least save lives, and would be a step in the right direction. William Wilberforce, if I remember right, had to settle for abolishing slave trading before he could get opponents to consider abolishing slavery itself.

Besides, even the campaign for a Heartbeat Bill might be useful. It ought to be harder to convince someone that a person is just a blob of tissue, once they have been properly informed that the ‘blob’ has a beating heart, and the accessories like veins and arteries and blood that go along with actual working hearts. Blobs, by definition, aren’t supposed to be differentiated and fine-tuned and developed like that.

Potentially good news from Spain:

MADRID February 3, 2011 ( – Mariano Rajoy, Spain’s current front runner for the position of prime minister in 2012, has stated that he will seek the repeal of the country’s new abortion law that permits the deadly procedure on demand during the first 14 weeks of pregnancy…

He is also proposing other pro-family policies.

Hawaii Right to Life reports that four assisted suicide bills have been introduced.

Resources for the fight:

Catholic Education Resource Center: Euthanasia page.

Americans United for Life

Joni and Friends: Christian Institute on Disability

This doesn’t even scratch the surface. Please share other resources, or your own observations, in the comments. Thanks.

A federal judge in Baltimore issues a permanent injunction against a law targeting pro-life pregnancy centers. Matt Bowman has the story.

A sidewalk counselor in Pittsburgh, with the help of the Alliance Defense Fund, has caused a “buffer zone” ordinance to be struck down. My thanks to nurse Mary Kathryn Brown for standing up for the right to peaceably help those who have had, or are considering, an abortion.

From the Alliance Defense Fund, Oct. 12, 2009:

SCRANTON, Pa. — Alliance Defense Fund attorneys filed a lawsuit in federal court last week against the West Shore School District for prohibiting a student from wearing a T-shirt bearing the message, “Abortion is not Healthcare.”  Officials at Crossroads Middle School in Lewisberry ordered the student to remove the shirt on the day of President Obama’s public address to students because the officials deemed the shirt “inappropriate,” saying it might insult somebody.  The school routinely allows other students to wear a wide variety of messages on their clothing.

Full news release, quotes, and related media resources available at the following link:

I haven’t seen Politics for the Greatest Good: The Case for Prudence in the Public Square by Clarke Forsythe (InterVarsity Press, 2009) yet, but it has collected some notable recommendations, and looks like a valuable entry in the Culture of Life debates. (via Americans United for Life.)

Note to ladies of the blogroll: Let us know in the comments if you’ve reviewed this book, or any other book likely to be of interest to pro-life ladies. Be sure and provide a link to the blog post. Thanks.

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