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A scared mother stays the course…


From today’s Lutherans For Life email:

According to Elizabeth, Mary was not an expectant mother. “And why is this granted to me that the mother of my Lord should come to me?” (Luke 1:43) Elizabeth refers to Mary as already being a mother. He was smaller than the tip of a pin, but her child, Jesus, already existed within her. She was as much His mother then as she was when He was born or in the temple at 12 or when He began His ministry at 30.


“Expectant mother” is a contradiction. If you are pregnant, you are a mother! It’s a biological fact, and yet one denied day after day to make abortion palatable. But abortion does more than terminate a pregnancy, it terminates a child. Abortion does not end motherhood, it makes someone the mother of a dead child.   


Some may think it insensitive to connect abortion and Mothers’ Day. But mothers of aborted babies make that connection, and they need our prayerful support. Jesus loved and cared for His mother from the cross. He loves and cares for all mothers through the cross. His unconditional love exhibited there flows through the arms of mothers every day to countless children. His complete forgiveness purchased there flows through His Word and Sacraments every day to countless sinners who find hope and healing as His children. 


So instead of saying someone is an “expectant mother,” send them a Mothers’ Day card! They already are someone’s mom! 


Grace and peace in Christ to all of you and especially to all you mothers.


Your servant For Life,


Jim Lamb

Personally, I don’t see “expectant mother” as a contradiction, but that’s because I see it as talking about a certain type of mother – just as I might speak of an experienced mother, or a bereaved mother, or a doting mother, or what have you. But if there are folks who truly translate “expectant” as “not-quite” or “not-yet”, I guess I need to be more careful how I use the phrase.

On the other hand, I’m all for wishing Happy Mother’s Day to pregnant ladies, and wishing Happy Father’s Day to the fathers of babies in the womb.

Your thoughts?

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