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The Next Christians: Creating Cultural Good at Breakpoint includes, among other things, info on efforts to help parents when they get a diagnosis of Down Syndrome for their unborn baby.

A teenaged mother was rescued from an abortion facility thanks to text messaging. She has since given birth to her precious son. Story here.

In this case, it is reported that neither the baby’s mother or father wanted an abortion. The young woman was hauled against her will to the abortion facility by her own mother (the baby’s maternal grandmother). The baby’s paternal grandmother sent out a call for help, and a sidewalk counselor pulled off the save.

As they explain in the article, by using texting instead of a voice call, the counselor and trapped mother were able to communicate privately. The counselor sent encouragement, and also a picture of a preborn baby the same age as the one in mortal danger.

A crisis pregnancy center that escaped tornado damage is providing supplies and other help to families in Joplin. They could use more baby supplies, or money to buy supplies.

coping with Down Syndrome. The program is set to expand throughout the Republic, according to the linked Irish Times article.

hat tip: Youth Defence (Facebook post)

Added: See Sometimes Miracles Hide (The Movement), at the Bruce Carroll website.

He is breathing on his own, too, which is very good news. But all his family had been asking all along, really, was that they could take him home. And he’s finally there.

Oh, this is fun: two pro-life ads put out in Chile, on one video, featuring fun stuff like a mom listening to music with the baby in her womb, and the baby really getting into it.

One of the taglines is ‘we’re connected’: and it includes daddies as well as mommies.

Good stuff.


In Death in Springtime: Terri Schiavo and Pope John Paul II, Leticia Velasquez remembers their deaths, while explaining one of the reasons Terri’s death was so personal to her. Her daughter, with Down syndrome, had been hospitalized, and the nurses had been hostile.

Like many of us, it was the barbaric killing of Terri Schiavo that turned Velasquez actively pro-life.

She writes for various publications. She blogs here. And here.

The movie Bella is available free to pregnancy care centers, through this program.

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