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Keep those phone calls and emails rolling. Sometimes it works, like at this Chili’s in California.


… Defund Planned Parenthood.


Planned Parenthood has been drinking at a lot of public troughs in the United States. Reductions are being considered in some states.

From the 40 Days for Life blog, Day 31:

Eileen in Beaumont recently witnessed some men who answered the call on what was otherwise a typical day on the job.

A truck from a heating and air conditioning contractor pulled up in front of the abortion center where the 40 Days for Life vigil is in progress. A couple of guys got out and saw the signs: “Pray to end abortion.”

“Do they do abortions in there?” asked one of the men. The volunteers responded, “Yes, they do!”

This man had not been aware of that. “We don’t do work for people who do abortions,” he said sharply, “and we will tell them so!”

With that, the two men went inside the abortion facility, came right back out, got in their truck and left.

“We want to encourage all businesses to be as brave as those folks,” Eileen said of the men who put principle above money. “Our world would be different if everyone took such a strong stand.”

Dr. Gerard Nadal, who was at the hearings when the NYC ‘muzzle law’ aimed at crippling pregnancy centers passed, writes about The Passage of Bill 371 and its True Target.

from the other side of the fence.

Find out more about a young lady who has been doing wonderful work in Texas, and who has some words of encouragement and advice for those of us who are pro-life, in Jennifer Fulwiler’s interview with Elizabeth McClung. Click through from the above-linked post for the interview.


Getting the message across in 33 seconds:

Welcome. This is just another place for pro-life ladies to meet and share and offer support to one another.
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