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Of course, it makes most sense to protect each human being from the moment of conception. Everything else is an artificial line, as well as an immoral one.

But to afford legal protection as soon as a beating heart is detected would at least save lives, and would be a step in the right direction. William Wilberforce, if I remember right, had to settle for abolishing slave trading before he could get opponents to consider abolishing slavery itself.

Besides, even the campaign for a Heartbeat Bill might be useful. It ought to be harder to convince someone that a person is just a blob of tissue, once they have been properly informed that the ‘blob’ has a beating heart, and the accessories like veins and arteries and blood that go along with actual working hearts. Blobs, by definition, aren’t supposed to be differentiated and fine-tuned and developed like that.

Gregory Koukl, back in 1992, took a look at what has happened when people have allowed themselves to start thinking in terms of Life Unworthy of Life. It originally aired as radio commentary. The link is to a transcript.

This will be one of those ‘added to as time allows’ posts.

First off, St. Blogustine: 2011 March for Life in Washington DC. (hat tip: comment in yesterday’s post.)

Headmistress at The Common Room is writing some very good, cut-through-the-clutter posts prompted by the horrors uncovered at Gosnell’s Philadelphia abortion facility, but also addressing abortion issues in general. See, for instance this, and this.

Good News for Unborn Children (Even if You Can’t Find It In The News!).

Like father, like son. A mother refuses to abort her baby, in part because her husband also survived against the odds. (hat tip: Parenting Freedom, via Oregon Right to Life Facebook post.)

Obama corrupts language, and gets called out on it. (hat tip: Mere Comments.)

Philadelphia Grief: Jim Daly of Focus on the Family recounts some history from 38 years ago, and also looks at the evil found in Philadelphia. From the 38 years ago file, President Nixon was caught on tape saying that he thought there were times abortion might be necessary, including (he said) in cases of interracial pregnancy. (At least I haven’t heard that ‘reason’ for abortion in a while.) He has a picture of the top of the front page of the New York Times from the day the ruling was announced. Interesting. LBJ’s death got top headline.

Also from Jim Daly – how Christians view a person as made in the image of God, and why this makes a difference. Includes a look at Peter Singer’s reasoning, and a history lesson from Tim Keller on early Christians versus the world they came into.

March for Life 2011, at Mommy Life.

Louisiana Right to Life Federation reports that over 3,000 people participated in the first-ever Louisiana Life March. Photo album here.

The Kermit Gosnell case is exposing much about those who choose to look away and do nothing, even when the inherent evil of abortion is compounded by horrific disregard for the health and lives of women. Elizabeth Scalia has some good observations on this at The Anchoress blog.

Added: Michelle Malkin: The Philadelphia Horror

Over at Mere Comments, Hunter Baker takes aim at something Erica Jong wrote for publication at the Wall Street Journal.

One of the reasons I’m linking, trivial though it may be, is that I like him referring to something she says about the pro-life movement as a “tired old libel.” Which it is. But we don’t often call it that, which I think is a shame.

It is not a good thing when the very people who are supposed to be in charge of protecting human rights instead spend time trying to argue that some people aren’t really human beings.

The good news in this article is that parliamentarian Carlos Salvador isn’t letting up, and is trying to force the minister to come out behind her squishy words and foggy thinking. The further good news is that the current government has so enraged the citizenry with its imposition of radical pro-abortion laws, that predictions are that they’ll take a major hit in the next elections.

hat tip: Youth Defence (more specifically, their Facebook page)

This Lutherans for Life video takes a look at the slogan “Every child a wanted child.”

The assignment was to write a sentence about a public servant. The little boy wrote: “The fireman came down the ladder pregnant.” The teacher took the boy aside to correct him. “Don’t you know what pregnant means?” she said. “Sure,” the boy said. “It means carrying a child.”

(Well, yes it does, indeed! But, of course, not quite in that way…)

hat tip: adapted from an email titled  “Grandchildren…,” that came to my husband via an uncle. No attribution was given.

From the Alliance Defense Fund, Oct. 12, 2009:

SCRANTON, Pa. — Alliance Defense Fund attorneys filed a lawsuit in federal court last week against the West Shore School District for prohibiting a student from wearing a T-shirt bearing the message, “Abortion is not Healthcare.”  Officials at Crossroads Middle School in Lewisberry ordered the student to remove the shirt on the day of President Obama’s public address to students because the officials deemed the shirt “inappropriate,” saying it might insult somebody.  The school routinely allows other students to wear a wide variety of messages on their clothing.

Full news release, quotes, and related media resources available at the following link:

More and more I’ve been noticing a tendency in some circles, and in popular culture in general, to think of bravery as the commission of ‘something I’m not sure I could bring myself to do if put to the test’. Period.

Now, of course, few of us would consider a person brave if that person did something we’re pretty sure we’d have done under similar circumstances.

The problem is that too many folks these days unthinkingly stop right there. If they find themselves too afraid, or disgusted, or squeamish, to do something, they think that someone who steps over that line they personally don’t want to cross is brave simply for crossing over that line, and never mind if what that ‘brave’ person is doing is pointless, or stupid, or reckless, or unkind, or violent, or downright evil.

If you need an example, read William Saletan’s article “Tiller’s Killer: Is it wrong to murder an abortionist?”. (via Alliance Alert) You might want to send the children out of the room first. But afterward you might want to gather them around you and ask them to tell you what they think of as “brave”. The culture is sending them messages about ‘bravery’ via so-called reality shows, and articles like Saletan’s, and conversations with friends who are steeped in moral relativism or even unmitigated pragmatism (i.e., if it works, it’s good), and via all sorts of other channels. It would be no surprise if they were confused, at least to some degree. Read the rest of this entry »

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