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“Pro-Life Pioneer Dead at 84.”

hat tip: Nancy Carpentier Brown


Eight amendments to the budget redirected $61 million away from the abortion industry and into more worthy causes:

The programs to which the money was allocated were strategically selected based on the cuts to their budgets.  Some pro-abortion members of the House were livid that their Pro-Life colleagues forced choices ON RECORD between the abortion industry and children with autism, adults with mental health needs, etc.  While passions rose and tempers flared once the abortion advocates realized what was happening, the Pro-Life amendment sponsors remained compassionate, confident, and courteous.

I think I like this strategy. 🙂

hat tip: Barbara Curtis

Thoughts on abortion, and worldview, in the wake of the Gosnell abortion clinic murder charges: The Silence That Keeps Me Awake, Truth Observed, January 20,2011, Del Tackett.

The handpicked candidate for the next president of Brazil was supposed to be a shoe-in, but her support of abortion and other ungodly practices is not sitting well with the citizenry. God bless the Catholic and Evangelical leaders who have spoken out, and continue to do so, which has done much to galvanize pro-life and pro-family and pro-marriage sentiment.

C-FAM is asking young people from around the world to sign a petition defending human dignity and human rights. They are hoping to use it to counter some of the policies and programs of the United Nations.

I haven’t seen Politics for the Greatest Good: The Case for Prudence in the Public Square by Clarke Forsythe (InterVarsity Press, 2009) yet, but it has collected some notable recommendations, and looks like a valuable entry in the Culture of Life debates. (via Americans United for Life.)

Note to ladies of the blogroll: Let us know in the comments if you’ve reviewed this book, or any other book likely to be of interest to pro-life ladies. Be sure and provide a link to the blog post. Thanks.

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