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A teenaged mother was rescued from an abortion facility thanks to text messaging. She has since given birth to her precious son. Story here.

In this case, it is reported that neither the baby’s mother or father wanted an abortion. The young woman was hauled against her will to the abortion facility by her own mother (the baby’s maternal grandmother). The baby’s paternal grandmother sent out a call for help, and a sidewalk counselor pulled off the save.

As they explain in the article, by using texting instead of a voice call, the counselor and trapped mother were able to communicate privately. The counselor sent encouragement, and also a picture of a preborn baby the same age as the one in mortal danger.

This week’s Cross Examine television show looks at embryo adoption. The episode is titled Snow Babies.

One of the reasons some churches forbid some fertility procedures is that ‘excess’ embryos are created, many of whom are discarded or donated to be used as research material (which, as one lady notes in the show, is another way of being discarded). Embryo adoption has arisen to give some of the hundreds of thousands of young lives, currently in suspended animation, a chance at being born.


A federal judge in Baltimore issues a permanent injunction against a law targeting pro-life pregnancy centers. Matt Bowman has the story.

You’ve heard it. Pro-lifers get accused of being uncaring toward women, or heedless of babies after they are born, when the opposite is demonstrably true. (The Lazy Slander of the Pro-Life Cause, Public Discourse, January 17, 2011)

The authors also have info you can use to counter the claim that widespread availability of birth control reduces abortions.

Thanks to ultrasound, we have the fun of seeing a very young person beaming.

The Common Room is celebrating One Million Visits to their blog by having a giveaway. Those of you with funny stories about pregnancy, childbirth or the first few months of parenthood are invited to enter the drawing. The deadline for entering is Monday night, midnight (ET).

I just finished reading The Proposal, by Angela Hunt. It was originally published by Tyndale House in 1996, and I’m pleased to see it’s still in print, via iUniverse (see the bottom of this author-hosted page).

It’s a hard-hitting, hair-raising thriller, wherein a quiet young widow who wants to write a book about Down’s Syndrome gets mistaken for a best-selling novelist with a similar name who is proposing to write a novel that exposes the apparent link between first-pregnancy abortion and breast cancer – and has been targeted by the mob.

We’ve sold quite a few books by Angela Hunt in our bookstore, but I don’t remember reading any before this. If this book is any indication, I’ve been missing out. It was suspenseful, witty, and full of substance, too. And that’s not to mention the plot twists.

Parents: You should probably read this before letting even your teens see it. The author handles horrific situations with admirable restraint, and writes from a Christian perspective, but we are talking horrific situations here.

So, ladies. Can you recommend other fiction that takes a pro-life stance? Even just in passing? (Hey, a seed here, a seed there…)

Diane Elder, bless her heart, got on CNN to talk about the upsides of not aborting a daughter who had no chance to live longer than a few hours. My thanks to Anderson Cooper for letting her speak, and his respect for her as she dealt with a difficult subject, and to CNN for running the interview.

Previous related post: Help for parents facing pressure to abort their child.

Via Amy Welborn, Julia Duin has written an article headlined Choosing not to abort babies with disabilities (Washington Times, May 10, 2009), with info on supportive organizations, websites, blogs, and books, amongst other things.

Feel free to add to that resource list here in the comments. Thanks.

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