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State of the Unborn, National Catholic Register editorial, Jan. 21, 2011

I Am Pro-Life, by Amy Smith, National Catholic Register, Jan. 22, 2011. Includes quotes, links.

Life Digest, Baptist Press, January 21, 2011. Teens encouraged to sneak into Kentucky for abortions. More.

Pro-Life Marchers Round-up (updated), The Anchoress, January 24, 2011. Lots of links, including to other posts with links.

March for Life held Saturday in Boise, Idaho Press-Tribune, January 23, 2011 (This is the only news coverage I’ve seen on the Boise march so far. Likewise, I’m having trouble finding coverage of other ‘local’ marches around the country. If you find coverage of city/county/state/regional events, please feel free to let us know in the comments.)

Added: From National Review Online, Ho-Hum Horror, and Life Is A Civil Right, by Rick Santorum, for starters.

Added: Obama salutes Roe v Wade, Mommy Life.

Added: Idaho lawmaker challenges Idaho’s conscience law in new bill, KTVB, January 20, 2011.

Added: Obama, on 38th Anniversary of Roe, re-re-recommits himself to abortion… again, Thomas Peters, Catholic

Added: Marching on the Right Side of History, Jennifer Roback Morse, Public Discourse.

Added: The March that Changed My Life (Or, the Day I Nearly Got Arrested on the Supreme Court Steps!), at Erasetheneed.

And: Meet Zach Goodman , young pro-lifer from Colorado.

The first episode of the season is online. Among the topics: what Congressmen are doing to fight/repeal Obamacare.

The Curt Jester notes that higher-ups in the Obama administration seem to follow a strange creed when it comes to very young humans. They also write off those of us with moral concerns as silly. They also seem to not have a firm grasp on science. Read The Curt Jester’s post Creedal Obamians (Sept. 17, 2009) for the story, and his take on it.

Barb at SFO Mom has info on a new book that looks at (among other things) how Notre Dame came to abandon Christian principles, and what might be learned from its recent scandals, and what might be done to restore this ‘Catholic’ university in the wake of its decision to defy Catholic teaching by honoring the most pro-abortion President in history with an honorary degree.

What Happened to Notre Dame? was written by Charles E. Rice, prof. emer. of Law at the Notre Dame Law School. The introduction is by Alfred J. Freddoso, prof. of philosophy at Notre Dame.

So, ladies. Are there other nonfiction books pro-lifers should know about?

Added: From the comments, Barb recommends A Civilization of Love by Carl Anderson (supreme knight of the Knights of Columbus).

Zenit has an interview with Mariangela Sullivan, the founder of a new law student coalition at Notre Dame called Notre Dame Action Coalition. In the interview, Sullivan takes a long view, addressing the years-long divisions in the Catholic church that have now come to a head, and looking forward. While the discussion is aimed primarily at Catholics, there’s some good food for thought there for all of us, I think.

hat tip: Joseph Pecar

Patrick O’Hannigan is Defending Mary Ann Glendon (The American Spectator, May 4, 2009). Not that she needs it, but that she deserves it.

Glendon graciously, and with integrity, declined an award from Notre Dame, and bowed out from speaking at this year’s graduation. There is a link to a reprint of her open letter, in the O’Hannigan article.

This post at Whispers in the Loggia has (amongst other things) more on Glendon, more on reaction to Notre Dame’s plans to honor President Obama, and notes that the graduation speaker at yet another Catholic university has sparked protest.

Hmmm. Edward T. Oakes, S.J., writing at First Things, asks Can Barack Obama Be Converted on Abortion? Well, that’s the title. What he seems to mean, seems to be more along the lines of  ‘Is There Any Reason To Suspect That Mr. Obama Is Already Uneasy In His Conscience?’

My thanks to those students who are trying to find ways to constructively deal with the outrage of a pro-abortion politician being asked to give their commencement speech at a Catholic university. (You might be glad to hear that plans to hold a Mass at the same time as commencement have been cancelled, it having been decided that to use a Mass as a protest event was not a good thing to do.) has the story.

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