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Legislation targets pregnancy centers in Oregon. Info here.

From Denise Burke, writing at Americans United for Life (October 8, 2010):

Yesterday, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), meeting in London, adopted a resolution supporting the fundamental right of health care providers to practice medicine in accord with their individual consciences.  In pertinent part, the provisional resolution stated that “[N]o person, hospital or institution shall be coerced, held liable or discriminated against in any manner because of a refusal to perform, accommodate, assist or submit to an abortion, the performance of a human miscarriage, or euthanasia or any act which could cause the death of a human foetus or embryo, for any reason.”

In adopting the resolution, the Assembly rejected attempts by international pro-abortion groups to undermine health care freedom of conscience.   Pro-abortion Assembly members, working in concert with pro-abortion groups such as the Center for Reproductive Rights, had sought to harass and punish medical personnel who refuse to participate in abortions because of religious, moral, ethical, or conscientious objections.

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How, in my lifetime, we have gone from a world where doctors and support medical staff are expected to help people, to one in which they face government reprisals if they don’t want to kill people, I’m not quite sure, but, well, it’s a problem in Europe, too. (You knew that, I’m sure, but this is an update.)

hat tip: David Mills at First Things

A Christian nurse who had been promised she would not have to participate in abortions finds herself cornered and betrayed.

Christians from across doctrinal divides are joining to speak in one voice for the sanctity of life, amongst other things, by signing and promoting The Manhattan Declaration: A Call of Christian Conscience.

hat tip: Plain Catholic in the Mountains

1. Last weekend, hundreds of thousands (perhaps as many as two million) people took to the streets of Madrid to protest the Spanish government’s proposals to reduce restrictions on abortion. (Via Alliance Alert, Oct. 19, 2009)

2. A Canadian student who tried to join in the Pro-Life Silent Day of Solidarity this week was put in isolation for the day by the school principal. But hundreds of thousands of other students throughout the world got to not speak to their classmates and communities.

3. AP reports that “Abortion advocates are fighting a proposal to build a new Catholic hospital near Washington, DC. …”. It seems odd to me to fight a hospital simply because the administration and staff plan to not kill anybody. But isn’t that what these activists are doing? (Via Alliance Alert, October 22, 2009)

4. The Catholic Archbishop of Denver, Charles J. Chaput, writing at, discusses The Task of the Catholic Medical Profession. It’s a fairly lengthy article, adapted from a recent speech the Phoenix Catholic Physician’s Guild, but it’s worth a read. A special heads-up to those of you who love someone who has Down Syndrome. Well, and another special heads-up to those of you concerned with the culture wars. OK, in short, it’s not just for medical professionals. Not by a long shot.

5. There’s a National Pro-Life Conference for Canadians Oct. 29-31, in Saskatoon. The theme is Building Bridges: Making Choices for Life.

6. Also from Canada, the Saskatchewan Pro-Life Association has awarded its The Humanity of the Unborn Child Pro-Life Award to former U. S. President George W. Bush.

7. A news update: the middle school student in Pennsylvania who was forced to turn his “Abortion is not healthcare” t-shirt inside out last month, can now wear the shirt, thanks to a temporary agreement approved by a federal judge this week. Kari Andren, reporting for The Patriot-News, has more on the story.

Find more 7 Quick Takes Friday posts at Conversion Diary. My thanks to Jennifer for hosting. (And, by the way, Jennifer has a couple of pro-life Quick Takes in her post this week. Check it out.)

Marilyn Musgrave and Marjorie Dannenfelser of the Susan B. Anthony List, writing in The Weekly Standard, note that “We are learning all sorts of lessons, very early on, about what President Obama means by “reaching out” to find “common ground” with pro-life Americans…”

Joseph Bottum, writing at First Things, also has a few things to say about current political and media leaders (Mr. Obama included), and their attitudes toward life issues and other serious topics. (In short, many of them seem to be trying to pretend they aren’t really issues at all, not since Mr. Obama got elected, at any rate.)

A lawsuit has been filed on behalf of Christian college students who were barred from holding a pro-life event because it didn’t contain a pro-abortion viewpoint, and who were bullied by a “Stop the Hate” campaign. (George Orwell, call your office…)

Oh, if you want to see a flyer the college freaked out over, here it is (pdf).

Health care providers are in danger of losing the protections President Bush put into place on his way out of office. Link to article. For comparison: links to abortion-supporter responses.

Related/background: The Tip of the Spear: Defending Pharmacists’ Freedom of Conscience, by Elizabeth Rose, at Defending Life 2009.

See also: The Declaration of Independence (especially the unalienable rights part).

See also: Preamble to The Constitution of the United States:

We, the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Via Suzy B., here’s an interview by Kathryn Jean Lopez of National Review, with Marjorie Dannenfelser, president and chairman of the board of the Susan B. Anthony List, going over the losses and gains in the recent elections in the United States, and looking at where the pro-life movement goes from here. Dannenfelser feels there is much ground to be gained in the next two years. The interview was published Nov. 7.

Via Alliance Alert, Richard John Neuhaus writes about The Coming Kulturkampf. An excerpt:

This awareness that Christians are different, and different in ways that make a very big difference, will, I expect sharply increase in the months and years ahead. For all of President-elect Obama’s wafting language about bringing us together, healing divisions, and so on and so on, if he seriously intends to follow through on his extremist abortion views, we are headed for the intensification of an American version of the Kulturkampf that Bismarck came to rue. The focus is on FOCA, the Freedom of Choice Act, that Obama says he wants to sign on his first day in office. This act would eliminate the very modest restraints and regulations established by states, provide government funding for abortions, and in its present form, require religiously sponsored hospitals and clinics to perpetrate abortions or go out of business.

The aggressor in the opening phases of this Kulturkampf is the Obama administration. The initial response to the aggression was evident in the meeting of Catholic bishops this week in Baltimore. There were refreshingly bold statements by bishops, and by Francis Cardinal George, president of the conference, on the imperative to protect the integrity of the Church’s teaching and to employ every legitimate means to resist the further advance of what John Paul the Great taught us to understand as the culture of death. Some bishops even invoked the venerable tradition of martyrdom, sounding very much like the successors to the apostles that they are.

The Christ against culture model does not come naturally to Catholics. The Church is much more disposed toward conversion, providing moral guidance, and the transformation of culture. The Christ against culture model is never chosen, but sometimes there is no choice. Pushed to the wall by the Obama aggression, it seems evident that most of the Catholic bishops are, in the words of Paul to Timothy, prepared to “fight the good fight.”

In this contest of coming months and years, it seems certain that cooperation between Catholics and evangelical Protestants will be greatly strengthened. And their efforts will enlist the support of many other Americans who are only now awakening to the fact that the unlimited abortion license imposed by Roe v. Wade and its proposed expansion by its hardcore supporters is indeed unlimited. If President-elect Obama does what he says he wants to do, this champion of national unity will preside over one of the most divisive periods in American history. 

Read the whole article.

From Nov. 11, Amy Welborn has excerpts from an interview with Cardinal O’Malley discussing President-elect Obama and abortion.

Jimmy Akin blog readers are urged to Fight FOCA. Background and links are provided.

As always, feel free to add to the round-up in the comments.

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